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After the insertion of your order, which can only happen by transferring files and effecting payment, you will receive an initial e-mail with the details of your order. The order will thereby be processed by ADX (ELCO GROUP) provided that the files are received in one of the accepted formats. Otherwise, you will be informed via successive email of the suspension of the order until receipt of the correct files. In case you are unable to provide these files, you will be contacted by our call centre to provide you with additional guidance with the aim to create the file (for a fee) or, if not, the order will be cancelled with the reversal of your payment at no extra cost. Generally, delivery days will be calculated from the day the order confirmation is issued. Whenever clarification is required by us on received Gerber files and receiving no response within 24 hours, ADX (ELCO GROUP) is considered authorized to proceed with the process of activities related to your request. The PCBs will be provided with Solder Resist (even if not requested).




Orders will be delivered by the prepaid courier TNT Italy with an agreed cost that is explained to you during the sales process. The courier will deliver within 24/48 hours excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. However, it is essential that at the delivery address there is always someone available for pickup. Although the delivery is postage paid, the goods travel at the sole risk of the customer. ADX (ELCO GROUP) is not responsible for late delivery. In case of loss ascertained by TNT Italy, the goods not located in the next 48 hours will be replaced and resent, free of charge. In case of damage to the package rendering products unusable, the customer must immediately contest to the courier the damaged package, and communicate the complaint to ADX (ELCO GROUP) via e-mail, possibly including one or more photographs of the damaged packaging. The damaged material will be replaced under warranty, with no further charge to the customer.




In case of return of material, shipment must be made solely by courier TNT Italy transport; no other method of shipping at the expense of ADX (ELCO GROUP) will be accepted.




The PCBs supplied by ADX (ELCO GROUP) are guaranteed for six months from the date of shipment, provided that the use is correct (baking procedure included). ADX (ELCO GROUP) is not responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the non-operation of the circuit board. In case of defect unquestionably due to quality problems of the PCB, the same will be promptly replaced under warranty at no additional cost. ADX (ELCO GROUP) will not recognize any cost incurred by the customer of the components, the assembly of defective circuits and other expenses eventually sustained.




Prices are exclusive of VAT. All material provided by ADX (ELCO GROUP) will be regularly billed to the customer during the purchase process, even if to a private individual. There are no supplies free of VAT.




Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer (for the production sector up to 10 square meters). Right of withdrawal or cancellation of the contract: Being material specially built to customer design that cannot be sold to others; there is no right of withdrawal. Upon receipt of the confirmation of the order by ADX (ELCO GROUP) it is no longer possible to cancel it or to cancel the purchase contract. Material rejected or returned will not in any way or for any reason be reimbursed.




The personal and business information of the customer will be treated in compliance with current regulations of Privacy. ADX (ELCO GROUP) undertakes not to disclose the contents of the files sent for the realization of printed circuit boards. These files will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the realization of the product and will then be destroyed (NO archive backups).




For any litigation, the Court of Rome is the competent seat.